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partner1We are a Natural Health And Wellness Company based in Lagos. Our parent and producing company is called FOHOW Group which specializes in the production of highly efficacious natural health products. Kindly visit the Products section of our site to view all the attached certificates from NAFDAC and even other international Agencies to confirm the efficacy of our products. Our products are of various types which we have successfully used to manage and totally cure several Nigerians of the following ailments, diseases and health challenges over a period of 2 years:

High Blood Pressure
Weight Loss
Ovarian Cysts
Fallopian Tube Blockage
Infertility (Male and Female)
Tubal Ligation
Mouth Odour
Tooth Ache
Mouth Odour
Menstrual Disorder
Abnormal Vaginal Discharge
Yeast Infection
Abnormal Bleeding
Premature Ovarian Failure
Hormonal Imbalances
Cervical Polyps
And so many more…

Our products provide holistic form of treatment which make them to be highly effective and we do record very high success rates in our treatment. You can visit the Testimonial section of our site to read real life testimonies from our various satisfied clients.

The Business/Partnership Opportunity

business partners

Due to the fact that our health products are in high demand across the country, we seek partnership from business oriented Nigerians as Distributors and Accredited Agents.

What’s In It For You?

We have a very lucrative compensation and profit-making structure for our Agents powered by FOHOW Group. It’s in such a way that you get a particular percentage of your purchase back in 1-2 weeks after purchase while you still make retail profits for selling the products. For instance;
Amount (N) Cash Back in 2 Weeks (N) Other Benefits
325,000.00 20% Retail Profit
800,000.00 25% Retail Profit
1,800,000.00 30% Retail Profit
3,800,000.00 Over 33% Retail Profit + Free Int’l Trip To China (all expenses paid by the company or $3500 cash/product equivalence)

Explanation – If you invest by purchasing product worth N1,800,000.00 this week, you will get your products packaged and sent to you instantly and also get 30% of your purchase (i.e. N540,000) as Cash Back Bonus. We will also help you in marketing and selling your products by referring customers that make enquiry from your community to purchase from you.


Retails Profits – All Agents get our products at very discounted rates thereby making it easy for them to generate enough retail profits.
Cash Back Bonus – We are currently running a promo which makes it possible for our Agents to gain a particular percentage of their purchase back as Cash Back Bonus as shown in the table above. The Cash Back Bonus is paid 1/2 weeks after the purchase. This does not stop the Agent from getting the normal discount and this won’t affect the retail profit on the products.
Training – We support our Agents with adequate training and other forms of support on how to use our products to get the best of result as we do get.
Continuous Profit – Our commission is not once-off, Agents will continue to receive commissions on their purchases for life. Though, the percentage might change from one promo period to another.
Extra Income Opportunity -Accredited Agents also have the privilege to refer other Agents and also receive commission from their purchase.
All Agents are free to sell the products at their own convenient retail price to end users.
Referral – We support our Agents in sales by referring all customers that make enquiries from their State/Community to them. www.fibroidclinic1.com 08038616151