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Ares (Long Lu) Capsule

[“Three Chinese Treasures” is Antler, Ginseng and Cordyceps]
Antler, one of the “Three Treasures of China”, is a precious traditional Chinese medicine material, which can be used as a curative nourishing tonic for weakness and neurasthenia. Indications: To strengthen Yang; to nourish human essence and blood; to strengthen bones and induce sores. It’s effective mainly for deficiency of kidney Yang, impotence, spermatorrhea, infertility due to cold uterus, fatigue and emaciation, dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, back and waist pain, muscle atrophy, five types of ingrowths of children, excessive uterine bleeding and vaginal discharge for woman, etc.

Blood Cleanser

Ingredients: nattokinase, grape stone extract, Gynostemma pentoli-lium extract, gelatine.
One package: 120 capsules, 250 mg each.
Usage and dosage: up to 2-3 capsules 2 times a day, wash down with warm water.
Note: the dose of the preparation should be increased gradually, beginning the first week with one capsule a day and increase the dose by one capsule per week.
Storage: the bottle should be stored hermetically closed in a dry, cool place; avoid direct sun rays.

Danshen (Salvia Extract) Tablet

The Ingredients:

Danshen: Danshen (Savia miltiorrhiza)contains tanshinone, protocatechuic aldehyde, protocatechuic acid, tanshinol, vitamin E and other ingredients. It has the efficacy of promoting blood-flow to regulate menstruation, removing blood stasis and relieving pain, cooling blood and removing carbuncle, clearing away heat to arrest irritability, nourishing blood and calming the nerves and etc.

Sanchi: Sanchi (Panax Notoginseng), which is rich in notoginsenoside, flavonoids and other active ingredients with the effects of arresting bleeding, promoting blood circulation to dissolve stasis, reducing swelling and eliminating pain, nourishing and strengthening the body, lowering blood lipid and blood sugar and improving immune function as well as anti-fatigue, anti-anoxia, anti-aging effects.

Faradization Thermal Knee Belt

Effect and usage: Normalizes blood circulation in the knee and other large joints areas. Eases and eliminates pain in the joint area. Knee and other large joints disorders: arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, bruises, strains, dislocations.

When using the faradization belts the organism’s immune system is strengthened.

General contraindications: in cases of oncological diseases (especially in the stages 3 and 4); serious heart blood vessel pathologies, serious mental diseases, pregnancy, heart stimulants. It should be noted, that traditional physiotherapy has many more contraindications.

Faradization Thermal Neck Belt

Effect and usage: Normalizes blood circulation in the neck area. Eases and eliminates pain in the neck, shoulder and arm areas. Improves encephalon blood circulation. Eases and eliminates headaches, tiredness. Regulates nervous system, helps to fall asleep. Rhinitis, haimoritis, pharyngitis, otitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, ear nerve inflammation. Medium joints functional disorders: arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, bruises, strains, dislocations

Faradization Thermal Waist Belt

When using the faradizations waist belt, which has two working surfaces (for the front part and back), one can achieve curative and healthcare effect in the waist and chest areas, that is in practically all spinal cord areas.

A positive effect on inter disk ruptures is noticed: already after 15-20min. pain disappears, active movement is restored (even after the first time!). Soft and deep long wave infrared ray action improves blood circulation on the capillary level in the chest and abdominal cavity organs, and this improves their functions

Fohow everyday and everynight Sanitary Pad

Main functions

nano-silver ions and far infrared effect
generate the negative ions
be antibacterial and dispel peculiar smell
promote the micro-circulation
maintain the micro-ecological balance of body

Package contains

2 packs of night-use sanitary napkins (8 napkins in each pack)
4 packs of day-use sanitary napkins (10 napkins in each pack)

Fohow Fruit paste MEIGUI

Ingredients: rose blossom extract, oligosaccharides, stachiosis, etc. No sugar.
Packaging contains a tube of 120 g.
Expiration date: 18 months from the production date.
Storing conditions: in a dry and cool place.

Fohow Oral liquid PHOENIX

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