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My name is Uchenna From Abia state, There was a time I occasionally felt pain in my tummy, I complained to my husband and he said I should go to the hospital and see the Family Doctor about it. I felt reluctant and told him that I wouldn’t want to see a doctor, I later went there which the Doctor advice me to do pelvic scan which the results shows that i have multiple fibroid size 38mmx26mm, 21mmx18mm, i felt  very bad about it and im very desperate to get cure of the fibroid. i went  online to look for solution i eventually came across fibroidclinic1, i made a contact with them today, i give God the Glory that my fibroids has started shrinking

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  1. Tessy / Reply

    April 4, 2017 at 18:05

    which one is fibroid clinic?

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